An imaginary letter to Francis Crick, an eminent scientist and the co-founder of Genes



Dear Mr Crick:


In this world of ours — in the symbolic interpretation of the “REAL WORLD” that is – that seems so like the real thing, I am  almost half your age .


But how old is my response to your hypothesis on the “Soul and the assembly of nerve cells” ?


who knows ! Maybe you know it, being an expert on genes– and many other things. Certainly not me !!!


I am not too sure if you will read this random out-pouring of thoughts. But I have some hope — as you haven’t chosen to call your ideas any more than a hypothesis.


Sir, your book is not available with me. I have only read an article in an old issue of OMNI.


But what has triggered off this trans-Atlantic neural transmission, I do not know ! I guess it is a certain thought chemistry.


In a way I succumbed to the famous “Crick’s Gossip Test”. I have been reading/talking/thinking about certain things  for many years but only recently have decided to do something about them–as you would like to call it !


I have been reading and reading bits and pieces and this most unscientific way of researching has crystallised certain “pre-hypothesis”, if I may call it so, which I would like to share with you in the following inarticulate manner:


This world/universe/existence, whatever we may choose to call it, has been created out of knowledge. (You may call it awareness. Others might call it consciousness)


All thoughts (an altered form of knowledge) are possible to be converted into chemicals and vice versa.. In fact, they are converting this way or the other, on a continuous basis.


All human beings – and for that matter all animate and inanimate objects–as well as earth, fauna, flora, stars etc — are different configurations of thoughts and chemicals. WE ALL ARE MERE THOUGHT CHEMICALS.


So, could we call “That” unalterable portion of thought in the thought- chemical as SOUL? Maybe it is too immature to conclude ?


Is the creator or God or whoever, KNOWLEDGE ITSELF ?


Undeniably a spectacular knowledge system is at work ! ( I would like to hasten to add that knowledge is not information — and most certainly not data !)


Take the example of DNA molecule. Is it an acid ? and yet has incredible knowledge. And RNA messengers !!! How can chemicals (As we know them so far ) behave in an intelligent manner. For that matter, take all the nerve cell messages in our body. How does the cell know ? How does the gene know ? Is it not possible through a unique thought chemistry ?


How is the data or intelligence or information or knowledge, whatever you scientists call it, is stored in genes right through the ages ? Are we not hinting that gene is intelligent if we say that it undergoes mutations ? Can acids be intelligent ? There has to be an “element” of thought in these chemicals.


Some experiments in particle physics are bringing us closer to the reality that the ‘myth’ about light being the fastest traveller — maybe is untrue after all. The obstructed particle (in one experiment) reaches faster to the other end of the tube than the unobstructed particle. Scientists are saying that the obstructed little guy produces its twin – across the barrier. How does a particle know ? Isn’t it possible that it has a thought attached ???


And closer home, haven’t we all noticed a change in mood (thoughts) with intake of certain chemicals . And of course, the converse that change of mood(thoughts) alters the body chemicals !


The karmic code of the Hindus and the genetic code as explained by science, to my mind is the same thing. But then it is not a total explanation. In fact, reading  Hindu and Tibetan mysticism, I’ve been seized with a desire to cry out EUREKA many a times — but then again, alas ! it would actually be premature !


But the Oriental mythology has many potent indicators to offer. There is a need , yes there is a NEED for research and fact finding out here !


The only aspect where I thought my pre-hypothesis was failing was with the inanimate objects. Can a chair or a spoon be a thought chemical ? But then reading about psycho-kinesis has changed my doubts into a certainty. Minds can move chairs/bend spoons only if there are similar thought-chemical receivers in these objects .


Maybe everything created–every artefact–retains some portion of the creator’s thought (chair maker in this case). Well, maybe ! In any case, an object takes shape, first, only as an idea !


The Gaiaa’s hypothesis stakes a claim that earth itself is a thinking organism. I tend to believe it. And I read, not too long ago, that a particular scientist in USA claimed that earthquakes/seismic disturbances are more likely in areas where people do not live in harmony with each other ! The collective thoughts of a race can alter the earth’s chemistry or physics or geology if you like!


Have you, sir, wondered that food prepared with love and affection tastes better ? And have you, sir, nourished house plants with a tender, love-filled gaze ?


In fact, if thought-chemical universe is believed to be a reality then many riddles of Para-psychology, psychology, mysticism, ESP etc. can be answered. (?)



And sir, in Homeopathy, when a solution ceases to contain a certain chemical (according to known chemistry) its potency in terms of its therapeutic dosage increases ! Could it be possible that on ‘dilution’ a chemical becomes a mere thought ???


And mathematics is sheer logic they say ! But the fact that an equation gets solved, to my mind, indicates an already existing structure/rhythm in the universe.. and quite rightly we call these as scientific discoveries !




Having said all this, where do I stand ? What is the answer ? If universe is “KNOWLEDGE” and we all are thought chemicals then why still the mystery of life ? I wish I could answer this one straight away. But what I can venture is this :  Sub-knowledge particles (human beings/artefacts etc.) interact and make the model extremely complex. It undergoes millions and trillions of mutations. Pure knowledge seems to have been intertwined with a large number of knowledge variants — or contaminations if you like !


The solution — or can I say EVOLUTION , lies in changing the mind set if one has to know the secrets of the mind(or brain or soul )


Maybe it is possible that the free flow of pure/uncontaminated knowledge cannot be grasped by mere intellect.  Maybe a combination of head and heart, so to say, is needed. for how can our brain provide enough room for studying its own intricacies ? Or does it ?


I have realised that clichés/folklore/aphorisms/wisecracks etc. carry in their chaff a lot of grain. Truth, sometimes can be found in the most unsophisticated of places. To give you an example : I’ve wondered since my childhood why do we call it a conflict of head and heart, when every thought is known to be in our heads ? But I was amazed to learn from an unassuming book on Yogic meditation that the centre of feelings and emotions is not in the head — but somewhere in our chest–close to where our heart is !!


The only unfortunate aspect about these old sayings is that , so far, they lack scientific validation.   Like I said before, there is a lot to be done out here !  East and West must meet !!!


And in case you are wondering why am I going on and on and on with my half-baked barrage of unintelligible words, I shall stop now. But let me make an attempt in articulating an explanation to the question (rising in my head or heart ?) that why I am writing to you:


I read in OMNI that a man called Francis Crick —a Nobel  laureate — says that “key to understanding the mystery of soul does not lie in religion-or psychology-but in neurons. And I thought, how TRUE!


I do believe that KNOWLEDGE is there already– existing somewhere in the suburbs—driven away from the big cities and highways of sheer intellectual data-bases and institutionalised skyscrapers of beliefs !!


In case my letter has evoked no positive response in your well-accomplished thought process then kindly feel free to write back a stinker.



Hoping to hear from you either ways.





Seeker of truth




  1. The idea of synthesis is NOT NEW…..MANY HONORABLE SOULS have propogated this….

    ……but yet…..

    ….we still keep things in HOLIER-THAN – HOLY compartments….


    ……What is your take on this ???

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