“To the simplicity of believing and conforming… I would prefer the complexities of knowing and understanding.”
“There are no better riches than singing the songs of rain.”
“It is only when we stop talking of our lives coming to an end…that our lives shall really begin !”
“Great poets, writers and thinkers… shall come and go forever
They cannot change a thing…but shall fill library shelves, however “
“One of the strangest things on earth is a place they call school
While the place is meant for learning…one learns out of…as a rule !!! “
“Let us go for such a ride…where there is no pushing
…come ! let us ride on the waves of water !”
“Marginal utility is a term that is great
First chocolate tastes heavenly…not so if you have eight !”
“The only true artists are the clowns in a circus
They know each trick…but goof up…just to amuse us !”
“Now I know the golden rule…I don’t mind to share
Unless we like the journey…the happiness in reaching a goal…is not exciting
…it’s simply bare !”
“How much for buns and how much for gutter…how much should be the literacy rate
These too are vital questions….and many others…unsolved till date !”

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