Letter no. I

Mr. Psychoanalyst

Quacker Street

Libido Square

South Inferior Lowlands



Dear Psycho:


How is business ? Must have made a lot of HEAD way since we last met ! You’ve almost given up your habit of writing to me ! Is it some defense mechanism ?


Remember the good old days… when we could simply put our feet up and relax ! No one looked for hidden skeletons in any cupboard !


Have you formed any convincing hypothesis of your own or do you still swear by neo-Freudian adventurism ? What is your style these days ? Do you have a couch or simply make your clients stand on one leg !


Have you heard the latest ? They are using silly things like colour-therapy and music-therapy ! Must be a compensatory phenomenon…. atleast for the analyst … to make his otherwise boring routine a bit more exciting !!!


Life out here is dull as ever. Only trivia. No COMPLEX issues !


Look, if you are so particular about not writing, send an ink-blot instead…. We shall try and decode your message !


Love to Id and Super Ego .


Interpretatively yours,


Shrunk Head









Letter no. II


Prof.  MAAN (Much Ado About Nothing)

Universal Futility

Very old Campus



Dear Prof:


I have been meaning to write  a thesis for quite some time but simply could not find a suitable hypothesis. Hope you wont mind the delay !


Its been a long time since you lectured…. in your inimitable style….I mean the never ending dissertation that you would write so often. What is wrong ? Is the doctor sick or something ?


Still married to Academia ?  She is a nice woman but fairly out of touch with reality !


I hear that you have started taking up Industrial Consultancy as well. Do your clients practice what you preach ? Incidentally, do you ?!?


I read a book recently …. written by some crazy FELLOW …that professes a ban on higher education. He claims that there is nothing high about it ! He further says that learning should be for the level headed. Have you read this trash ? Actually no one believes in what he is saying…but the book is a best seller !


My own submission is that academic book-man ship will never die. It shall thrive further. It does a great service for the humankind….It takes their thoughts away from the mundane realities of life !


Do you still despise your students ?


And… before I forget … Have you overcome your absent minded-ness ?


Love to Academia.


Bibliographically yours,







Letter no.III


Mr. Vincent Van Gogh

Life Time Unsung

Too Late Mansions

Never Mind



Dear Vincent:


You must be wondering why am I writing to you. Probably the only person who has ever written to you, in the past, has been your brother Theo.


Anyhow, one must be open to the ever changing world. hope you are doing fine ! What is the score ? Do you still paint a canvas a day…or have you stopped counting !


You may have forgotten the Belgian Coal mines.. but I still cant forget those gray mornings and charcoal Potato Eaters… Or were they Potato Growers !


Life is quite dull….except an occasional auction at the Sotheby’s.


Do you know that money has lost its value since you left the scene ? People are literally throwing it away…at Art ! Yours included !


Now don’t feel sad if you had been going food less for days… At least now you HANG around in some of the richest art galleries of the world !!!


How do you feel…after all this success ? Hope it wont go into your head !


I was never aware that you too had a strong business head on your shoulders ! Only the other day I found your ‘sunflowers’ in a commercial advertisement. It seems you must have made a fat sum for this tie-up !


I cant imagine that you shall change this way !


Love to asylum doctor .


Impressionistically yours,





2 Responses to “LETTERS OF SPIRIT…”

  1. very interesting and thought provoking. i enjoy your sarcasm and wit. reminds me of something, but i can’t put my finger on it.

  2. Thanks…stephanie….the writer….!
    Keep writing in…

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