And give a kick start to a new way of thinking !


BOOT differently is a cryptic crossword clue :


What it indicates …is that BOOT is a jumbled word….. it needs to be rearranged… could be OOBT…


And OOBT stands for …..




So get ready to BOOT differently and you


shall start a new process of…








 ….. All these essentially mean that you don’t get overly conditioned and pre-conceived….. and come up with a non-linear way of thinking…when faced with problems !


And when you start to BOOT differently … then you can feel the joy in living, creating….. and might transform your life into a wonderful free-flow……


So let us burst the DAM…… become MAD….. as only madness can give birth to creative processes !


Crossword is a game that many people enjoy all across the globe. But it is essentially seen as a fun-game and nothing more.



Although a lot has been written and spoken about the benefits of brain energisers like crossword (and other popular games), it is still considered as a recreational option.


It is said that people who indulge in crossword remain young… even can fight degenerations like Alzheimer’s disease etc…. but yet !!!


I believe, without an iota of doubt that crossword is a very potent method of imparting whole-brain education !


To solve a well designed crossword riddle, one has to use ones knowledge & awareness…..


But one also has to be imaginative, think creatively and become Out of Box !


And WORDS have a lot of power… as WORDS used imaginatively become a potent weapon…. SWORD !


And when we do crossword…we cross words and enter the land of understanding !


And did you know that LINEAR essentially is : IN REAL wayward !


So… be ready to BOOT differently as even the dictionary says that BOOTLESS is something of no use !


And if you cant BOOT at first… then please REBOOT… as life is a constant learning process !


AN introductory tour to the land of WORDS…..


If you ROW SHIP sensibly… you can cross this sea of  sorrow (linearity) ! This means that you can worship… and be happy !


And if we say OURS senselessly…. this could turn things SOUR !


So please DARE to do differently …my DEAR !


And if you BEGIN anew with a direction… you would become BENIGN !




And did you get the gift of the endless MAGIC ? (MAGI)


Did you know that Chinese way , in a way is horse food ? (TAO and OAT)


Well it possibly is…a month ! (MAY)


Condition of the Country ! (STATE)


Different WHO is also a question ! (HOW)


Avoid a short dress !  (SKIRT)


They are a company…and they Tango ! (TWO)


The CALIPH OSO is madly..  religious ! (THEOSOPHICAL)


A brief week end . (SAT)


A cabin for this cat ! (TOM)


After little doze of medicine a.. theatrics ! (DRAM A)


Bad PEACH is never liked ! (CHEAP)


THREAD bare dislike (HATRED)


Bruce is quite a slippery EEL (LEE)




2 Responses to “BOOT DIFFERENTLY”

  1. Aaahhh! So much thinking!… I love it!! You’ve got me all excited to do the crossword in the newspaper now! But, I think I still may need a little bit of practice. I could grasp only a few of the clues at the bottom without looking at the answer! *blush* LOL

  2. you’ll do fine…in a few days…you’ll become an avid crossword solver…LOL

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