Positive Ego ( PEGO ) is positive self-hood !

It is another way of describing Positive self-belief and Positive SELF-actualization !

PEGO also urges you to be your own GURU/GUIDE…..and ….the only thing that matters , really …is SELF-ACCOUNTABILITY….that is …what you think of yourself….not what others think !

In this day and age of a virtual bombardment of ‘spiritual ‘ diktats….and the so-called GOD-MEN sermons…..only saving grace seems to be….to be true to your inner self and have faith in just two things :

Your inner voice

An unflinching belief in the grand creation/superpower/god…..

Please do not play to the galleries….as ….’appreciation’ from outside is only momentary and often loaded/deceptive…

Please become a PEGOIST and go on a journey of unconditional happiness !






~ by bhaskarbenjamin on October 5, 2016.

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