Right Brain Holidays / Special Interest Holidays

Travel with experts….mavericks…naturalists….wild life experts….poets…..crossword makers….


What is a Right Brain Holiday :

Right Brain Holidays for all
Right Brain Holidays for all


*Right Brain Holidays (RBH)… is a copyrighted concept with PEGOMAG.COM / PEGO UNIVERSE

*RBH is an idea that would appeal to all those who wish to rediscover the ‘child’ in themselves !

*RBH is ideal for senior/middle executives and professionals …who…sadly..have to ROLE-PLAY 24 x 7…

A  unique holiday package full of:


( Create Poetry,
Make Paintings,
Sing Limericks,
Throw Stones at Lamp Posts,
Do Crazy Crosswords ……
…….and much more! )


A rejuvenated human…who has forgotten his business cards and blackberries for these Three/Five days…..

…has experienced REAL JOY….

…has re-discovered the CHILD in him/her….

….and now (is expected) to go back to the work place ….

…Recharged with Positive Ego …Life and Enthusiasm!

…And probably as a de-stressed and HUMANE leader.

Contact us for details….





~ by bhaskarbenjamin on August 29, 2012.

One Response to “Right Brain Holidays / Special Interest Holidays”

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