Corbett national park : alarm calls : wake up… those who are either paid to look after…..or simply care !

Correct and meanigful Information is the key to promoting Eco Tourism !

But who is providing this….in Corbett National Park ?

Government/Park authorities ?

NO….There are a few brochures in the CTR office but the entire focus of tourists , guides, safari operators is on PERMITS….so the information gets lost somewhere !

The Dhangarhi museum is an attempt….but pretty dull….drab and archaic…

Resorts /Hotels ?

All the hotels , resorts etc. etc. have a naturalist/safari desk….but then why do tourists not seem to be adequately enthused/informed !

Naturalists/wild lifers/safari operators ?

There is a semblance of information dissemination here as well….but the REAL THING gets lost in the hype about alarm calls , pug marks and sightings !

So ???

In order to convert the tourists into travelers    …… and make them enthused about eco tourism and Nature love….. who has to put up their hand (S) ?

Maybe we shall do this in our own modest way !

Bhaskar-Bankriti are soon going to start an ECO TOURISM MEETING POINT  in Corbett region !

Please send us your suggestions and good wishes !

Read and write about Corbett in :

corbett blog on eco tourism


~ by bhaskarbenjamin on October 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Corbett national park : alarm calls : wake up… those who are either paid to look after…..or simply care !”

  1. Hi
    This is Rima. I would like to say thanks to you for posting this blog. I have been searching this kind of info. This blog is important for me and I hope that it would be beneficial for everyone.

  2. Thanks Rima !

    Keep in touch !

    Also….check out my other web efforts :

    bye !

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