Corbett National Park….is it under a threat ?

Tourism model of Corbett National Park ?

Is it a ‘hit-and-run’ safari-oriented tourism

with a focus on tiger sighting alone ???

What needs to be done, probably, is a total  RELOOK at  the whole thing

….about Carrying Capacity ….and gates …and permits etc !

Let us not get over obsessed with historical ‘ways’ in which tourism had started and developed !

Let us Give a professional REVAMP !

……or else….

~ by bhaskarbenjamin on July 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “Corbett National Park….is it under a threat ?”

  1. hey… it was such an awesome experience…. thanks so much for the kindness and the efforts u had put in…
    guys corbet is one place one must visit… so awesome… what a natural and refreshing experience and a must visit place is bankriti…
    we really look farward to meet u again and plan a better trip..

  2. hi :

    Thanks for your lovely comment !

    Let us meet soon ! ( in early winters )….we have a lot of plans … make Corbett-Bankriti a memorable experience….

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