Unique Poetry in PEGOMAG called PEGO in VERSE

Are They Doing What They Seem To Be Doing

One tree that is completely still….
With leaves not moving…

One kid who is crying
Shaking his whole frame

Two men who are nodding
And shaking their heads …agreeing…

A sun that is setting
Hiding behind the beyond…

A star that twinkles
With a promise of a starry night

One cook who is chopping
Some pieces for a great meal

Few men who are angry
Shaking their hands and waving

One boss who is circling
Memos for tomorrow’s task

One trader who is showing
Samples …for the deal to close

One nurse who is washing
Wounds of a new case

One sage who is silent
Sitting on a throne of peace…

One clock that is showing
Hands crawling on her face !

They all seem to be doing
Something it seems…

But are they really doing ?
What they seem to be doing ???

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~ by bhaskarbenjamin on February 9, 2010.

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