My quest…in poetry… on

My Quest






I am on a quest of my own
To find some answers… to things unknown….
Like… why do leaves have different shapes
….and how are monkeys….different from apes ?
Why are flowers in so many hues
       Some red…some yellow….and why some blues ?
Why does the bougainvillea spread like fire
   And why does an ivy….climb a church spire ?
Why do branches spread from trees
        ….and why do these branches have million leaves ?
Why does the water take shape of the cup
       And why does steam….always rise up ?
Why does the earth go round the sun
       Is there a purpose….or is it just for fun ?
Why do humans love and hate
      Why do some insects….kill their mate ?
Is there a plan….or random fate ?



….and much more….on…

~ by bhaskarbenjamin on October 29, 2009.

One Response to “My quest…in poetry… on”

  1. Beautiful… “is there a plan or random fate?” I wonder if you happening upon your site was partof some plan or just random fate?

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