Out Of Box Thinking……….. or Out …Off… Think ?





Out of box thinking…is it a fashionable phrase ?

People who think out of box….are creative….innovative….trail blazers !

Out of box thinking is hailed as a right brain creativity !

Out of box thinkers are supposed to be ‘leadership material’

Non linear thinking….same thing as out of box thinking …is a new buzz world in the corporate world !

But I looked around….. I found no evidence of this…..

I looked in the media….I looked in the Parliament….I looked in schools and other learning institutions…..I looked inside the movie industry… I looked at the corporates….I even looked at the writers-who-matter !!!

What are we talking about ?

Where are the out of box thinkers ?

….have they all gone out….. for lunch ?

Or ….are  they GONE !!!

Or ….are they OUT ?

Or …..were they never even IN ?!?

~ by bhaskarbenjamin on July 16, 2008.

One Response to “Out Of Box Thinking……….. or Out …Off… Think ?”

  1. i’s like the way mister, evryone is in the box, thinking like mathematique machines and every people’s network almost thinking the same, else you fall out off the group.

    and you are alone, so i like to be alone and thake a walk for brainstorming, sit on a terrase and drink what the worst man talking, capacino, espresso juce d’oranje. they never undther stand you, they only want your bussness coperation, idiots and moron’S!!!

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