I have always felt that spirituality is spoken (actually meant to !)   in the same breath as religion.

 When we say a country….a person….a sect etc. etc. is spiritual…. what we actually mean is……..that the country….or person….or sect etc. is deeply religious ! ? !

While it is quite natural to assume that a spiritual ‘aspect’ is closely linked with GOODNESS (read GODLINESS)….and it is true as well… might be too far fetched to assume that an ‘aspect’ that is religious….would be spiritual…..

Then what is spiritual(ity) ?

There are many  established definitions……and I would leave that to the readers imagination/scholarship…

….but I would like to redefine SPIRITUALITY as :

A LOVE AND RESPECT FOR LIFE….. AN unflinching FAITH in the universal code….and an awe for the creation…… and passion/honesty in one’s work…..

….Lets see how you feel  about this……

 whatever…..but one thing is most certain……SPIRITUALITY IS NOT RELIGION !!!

~ by bhaskarbenjamin on June 9, 2008.


  1. Agreed. A fine redefinition of spirituality.

  2. …Thanks a lot…..

    ….. even if one sane soul agrees …then your task becomes easier…! Do visit this site again….good luck !

  3. The belief that we are separate from God is the chief differentiator between spirituality and most of the world’s major religions. Religion typically represents God as external from humankind while spirituality portrays the divine as an integral aspect of our humanity.

    Religion and spirituality can certainly coexist. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. Organized religion plays a vital role in building community but positions itself as an indispensable intermediary between worshipers and God. Spirituality encourages direct contact with God but its lack of structure and its declaration that we are all divine children of God can lead to confusion and an unwarranted sense of spiritual superiority.

    Religion is sociological and institutional while spirituality is individual and personal. Religion demands that you follow an external set of rules based on the experience of others while spirituality encourages you to seek your own experiences through inner exploration and discovery. Religion preaches to us about God while spirituality teaches us to achieve God consciousness.

    Organized religion is often presented as a closed, hierarchal system. In such an environment, all questions lead to official explanations and individual interpretation is discouraged.

    Spirituality is an open, multifarious path with many questions leading to answers that cannot be fully grasped in the questioner’s current state of consciousness. Individual evolvement is mandatory.

    Most religions assert that their method of worship is the only true path to God while ancient spiritual wisdom maintains that all rivers lead to the same ocean. Thus, when conflict arises, religion tends to divide while spirituality unites.

    Ultimately, as we leave this world, we will all discover that there is but one truth. It is up to each of us to determine how we live until we draw our final breath.

    Phil Bolsta
    Author of “Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything” (

  4. thanks…Phil…for your succint insights…
    ….I think we are in agreement…..
    take care…and keep in touch…?

  5. I was just cruising around WordPress and happened across this, and I could not agree more with your definition of spirituality!

  6. Thanks Becky…

  7. This is an important discussion because so many people do not understand the difference between religion and spirituality—or even that there is a difference! I hope that this comparison is helpful:

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